Monday, August 27, 2018

TV Quote of the Day (‘Saturday Night Live,’ With an Ad for a Product With Two Uses)

Wife [played by Gilda Radner]: “New Shimmer is a floor wax!” 

Husband [played by Dan Aykroyd]: “No, new Shimmer is a dessert topping!“

Wife: “It’s a floor wax!” 

Husband: “It’s a dessert topping!” 

Wife: “It’s a floor wax, I’m telling you!” 

Husband: “It’s a dessert topping, you cow!” 

Spokesman [played by Chevy Chase] [enters quickly]: “Hey, hey, hey, calm down, you two. New Shimmer is both a floor wax and a dessert topping!  Here, I’ll spray some on your mop.. [sprays Shimmer onto mop] ..and some on your butterscotch pudding.” [sprays Shimmer onto pudding]

Husband [eating while Wife mops]: “Mmmmm, tastes terrific!”

Wife: “And just look at that shine! But will it last?”

Spokesman: “Hey, outlasts every other leading floor wax, two to one. It’s durable, and it’s scuff-resistant.”

Husband: “And it’s delicious!”—Saturday Night Live, Season 1, Episode 9, air date Jan. 10, 1976, directed by Dave Wilson

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