Friday, August 31, 2018

TV Quote of the Day (‘All in the Family,’ Anticipating Today’s Left-Right Divide)

Archie Bunker (played by Carroll O’Connor): “We got civil war, Maude! We got riots in the streets!” 

Maude Findley (Edith Bunker’s visiting cousin, played by Bea Arthur): “Because of poverty and unemployment.”

Archie: “No! Because of Franklin Delano Roosevelt, the first creepin' socialist.”

Maude: “He brought the country back from the Depression.”

Archie: “And dumped us right into the middle of World War II.”

Maude: “Which he won as our commander in chief.”

Archie: “No! That's a lie! General MacArthur won that war. And Roosevelt fired him for it.”

Maude: “That was Truman.”

Archie: “Under secret sealed orders from F.D.R.!”

Maude: “Oh, come on!” 

Archie: “That's a fact, Maude! Just like that other fact-- that he sold us out to Joe Stalin at Gibraltar.”

Maude: “They met at Yalta!”

Archie: “He sold us out there too!”—All in the Family, Season 2, Episode 12, “Cousin Maude’s Visit,” original air date Dec. 11, 1971, teleplay by Phil Mishkin, Michael Ross, and Bernard West, directed by John Rich

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