Sunday, July 15, 2018

Photo of the Day: Broadway Goes to the Dogs—Gladly

Yesterday afternoon, with a little time to spend after an Off-Broadway matinee, I detected quite a hubbub as I approached Shubert Alley. 

Bodies were densely packed amid all the humidity on this landmark in the Broadway district, but virtually everybody was smiling and most of the spectators were looking down on the sidewalk.

Curious, I cast my eyes downward and saw dogs and cats just about everywhere. No wonder there were so many smiles. 

Elsewhere in the alley, several tables had been set up containing leaflets and sign-up sheets, promoting various animal-rights and animal adoption causes. I figured something big was going on, and when I got home I found out what it was: Broadway Barks

Twenty years ago, Bernadette Peters and the late Mary Tyler Moore set up this dog-and-cat adoption event that benefits New York City animal rescue groups. The promotion remains a draw because of its star-studded lineup. 

No, I don’t mean the celebrities that often come here, but instead the furry creatures being celebrated. This photo I took demonstrates how much these lovable animals were centers of attention.

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