Monday, July 30, 2018

Movie Quote of the Day (W.C. Fields, Eliciting Info on an Illicit Woman)

Cuthbert J. Twillie [played by W.C. Fields]: “Tell me, prairie flower, can you give me the inside info on yon damsel with the hothouse cognomen?”

Mrs. Gideon [played by Margaret Hamilton]: “Do you mean Miss Flower Belle Lee?”

Cuthbert J. Twillie:” I don't mean some woman out in China.”

Mrs. Gideon: “Well! I'm afraid I can't say anything good about her.”

Cuthbert J. Twillie:” I can see what's good. Tell me the rest.” — My Little Chickadee (1940), screenplay by Mae West and W.C. Fields, directed by Edward F. Cline

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