Friday, May 1, 2015

Photo of the Day: 9 O’Clock Jump, Times Square, NYC

Okay, it was more like the 9:30 jump, given the Slowpoke Sam pace of my bus through the morning traffic from New Jersey into the Lincoln Tunnel on my way to work. But in terms of a headline, we’re allowed some poetic license, right?

Anyway, these young guys were collecting a crowd in Times Square, quite distinct from the one or two persons each normally gathered, in what in recent years has become a pedestrian plaza, around the Disney or sci-fi characters, to say nothing of The Naked Cowboy, The Naked Black Cowboy, The Naked Cowgirl, The Bodypaint Girls, or The Bikini Girls With Guitars They Can't Play To Save Their Lives.

A crowd of photographers—professionals and others, like me, who were amateurs—stood in front of these dancing (clothed) young men. I’m not sure what the point of what they were doing was—one young woman offered, uncertainly, that they might be promoting one of the nearby Broadway shows in which they were appearing. I was partial to the idea that some rocker might have been employing them in a new video that covers Van Halen’s “Jump.”

In any case, it’s always nice to see someone ready to leap joyfully forward, especially at such an ungodly work hour.

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