Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Quote of the Day (Stiller and Meara, on the Inventor of Facebook)

Anne Meara: "You know there's a new movie coming out about the guy who invented Facebook?"

Jerry Stiller: "Somebody INVENTED Facebook? What kind of a person would that be?"

Meara: "A person who is very bright, and figured a lot of people want to share the mundane, miserable moments of their lives with other people: 'I'm your friend, and I just came back from going to the john. I thought you'd want to know.'" —Anne Meara and Jerry Stiller, from their Web series “Stiller and Meara: A Show About Everything," quoted in “N.Y.C.-Born Anne Meara, Comedian-Turned-Actress,” The Record (Bergen County, NJ), May 25, 2015
Remembering Anne Meara (1929-2015): half of the comedy duo Stiller and Meara with her husband of 61 years, Jerry Stiller; mother of actor-director Ben Stiller; and award-winning actress and playwright in her own right.

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