Tuesday, January 3, 2023

Song Lyric of the Day (Donny Hathaway, Hoping That ‘Brighter Days Will Soon Be Here’)

“Never mind your fears
Brighter days will soon be here
Take it from me:
Someday we'll all be free.”— “Someday We'll All Be Free,” written by Donny Hathaway and Edward Howard, performed by Donny Hathaway on his LP Extension of a Man (1973)

Last night, a beautiful cover version of this song by Hanka G reminded me of the stunning original by Hathaway. Edward Howard wrote the lyrics to encourage Hathaway, who was already suffering from the mental illness that would claim his life six years later.

A half century later, the song remains a powerful balm to the spirit for anyone experiencing anxiety, depression, or just simply the blues—especially with the holidays over and the bleakness of winter setting in.

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