Saturday, January 7, 2023

Photo of the Day: Bergen County Rowing Center, Riverside County Park, Lyndhurst-North Arlington NJ

This afternoon I took a 30-minute drive from my home in Bergen County, NJ, down to Riverside County Park.

Like another county park near me, Overpeck, this one is located near a body of water—in this case, the Passaic River.

Since 2003, the Bergen County Department of Parks has joined with the Passaic River Rowing Association (PRRA) to offer community rowing programs to the general public.

On my visit, I took this photo of the Bergen County Rowing Center. The two-story, 14,285-square-foot facility, designed by Clarke Caton Hintz Architects and Peterson Architects, was completed this past September, at a cost of in 2022 $7 million. It replaced a one-story 2,600 sq. ft. structure used as a makeshift boat storage facility.

The expanded facility should provide more efficient and increased boat storage, as well as improved instructional and community spaces, while expanding recreational access to the Passaic River.

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