Friday, January 6, 2023

Quote of the Day (Peter Bogdanovich, on the Larger-Than-Life ‘Mythology’ of Films)

“Mythology, which is what pictures are at their best, by its very nature must be bigger than life, not smaller than life. Being overwhelmed by images in the dark is part of the basic magic of the medium. Take that away and you take away a good deal of the glory. At least if you’ve seen a picture the right way once, repeat viewings retain in memory a residual glow. But kids don’t have that, so to them it becomes perhaps just a charade they must strain to view, certainly not something that takes over.”—American film director, screenwriter, and critic Peter Bogdanovich (1939-2022), “The Importance of Seeing Ernst,” The New York Observer, Apr. 8, 2008

I came across this quote from Bogdanovich the other day. It seemed appropriate to post it today, on the first anniversary of his death.

(The image accompanying this post, of Peter Bogdanovich at the Castro Theatre in San Francisco, was taken Mar. 10, 2008, by Eliaws.)

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