Saturday, November 6, 2021

Quote of the Day (John Grisham, on ‘Lack of Authenticity’ in Legal Thrillers)

“You can probably read the first 10 pages of a book about a courtroom drama and tell if the writer is a lawyer or not. There’s some things just come naturally. You just know the terminology, the phraseology, the legal theories, the courtroom procedures. As a lawyer, you just know that kind of stuff, and I get frustrated when I read legal thrillers or legal courtroom dramas written by people who are not lawyers, because you can always tell the lack of authenticity.”—American bestselling legal suspense novelist (and former criminal defense and personal injury lawyer) John Grisham quoted in Adam Liptak, “On Judges, Innocence and Being ‘Review-Proof,” The New York Times, Oct. 18, 2021

The accompanying photo of John Grisham was taken Jan. 25, 2008, by Scott Brenner.

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