Thursday, December 24, 2015

Photo of the Day: Office Building Xmas Tree, NYC

Technically speaking, I could have headlined this “Rockefeller Center Xmas Tree,” since the building where this is located—1251 Avenue of the Americas—is a part of that famous midtown landmark. 

But more than a few readers would have taken umbrage at me for being cute—reacting like the hordes of outraged Irish music lovers in the film Hear My Song who fall victim to a promotion for a concert featuring “Franke Sinatra” (a French singer, not Ol’ Blue Eyes).

Anyway, this building is across the street from where I work. I stop in occasionally, but hadn’t done so in several weeks, so I wasn’t prepared for this sight. 

I wanted an image of the season, and now—amid 70-degree days totally unlike the usual holiday cold—I present you with this. Now, your imaginations will have to supply the snow, ice and cold…

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