Saturday, December 5, 2015

Quote of the Day (T.C. Boyle, on the Ambitious--Especially Novelists--as ‘Damaged’)

“All of us, especially novelists, are damaged, psychologically damaged. We have big problems, and we are not good people. We’re drug addicts, we’re drunks. So we want to even the score—we want adulation. If you are single-minded, as many writers are, as I am, the work is all you are. There is nothing else. And so if the work goes away, then it’s the gun. We’ve seen it through generations of American writers. That is the downside to ambition.” —Novelist and short-story writer T.C. Boyle, quoted in “Soapbox: The Columnists, WSJ. Asks Six Luminaries to Weigh in on a Single Topic. This Month: Ambition,”, March 2015 issue

"All of us"? Glad he's using hyperbole--or, more broadly, creative license. That, or he's moving in a small circle.

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