Saturday, May 25, 2013

Photo of the Day: Star Wars, Nothing But Star Wars…

Star Wars!
Nothing but Star Wars!
Gimme those Star Wars...
Don't let them end!

The “lyrics” that Bill Murray’s lounge lizard Nick Winters sang in a classic Saturday Night Live skit are, if you ask me, better than anything that came out of George Lucas’ typewriter. (Yes, that was the machine used nearly 40 years ago.) But the trilogy that started it all possesses an enduring hold on the imagination—yes, even mine—as I discovered at the start of this Memorial Day weekend, with a promotion to hype the Cartoon Network premiere of LEGO Star Wars: The Yoda Chronicles.

Even before 9 a.m., an hour when many tourists in the Big Apple are lucky to be functioning, people were milling around Duffy Square to gape at the item in this photo: LEGO Starfighter Set #9493, only 42 times the size. In fact, it's even a bit bigger than the X-Wing dogfighter that Luke Skywalker and his fellow rebels used against the Evil Empire.

In any case, when I walked by the same spot in mid-afternoon on Friday, even more people came by to marvel at this technological model. As you can see from this shot, it’s an impressive beast, promoted as the world’s largest Lego model, containing more than 5.3 million bricks, with a wingspan of 44 ft. and sporting a full range of sound effects--proving once again that for so many people, Star Wars won't ever end.

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