Monday, May 27, 2013

Bonus Quote of the Day (Jose Canseco, on ‘Dragon Blood’)

“I do not smell like dragon blood and immortality.”—Former steroids-enhanced baseball slugger Jose Canseco, May 18, 2013 tweet

No dragon  blood. Got it.

But what about tiger blood? And if you have this, Jose, does this make you kin to Charlie Sheen? (Both of you did take steroids. You, very famously, wrote a whole book about it; Charlie admitted his use, more than 20 years after the fact, in this account on Huffington Post, that he had juiced up to add some extra realism to his role as "Wild Thing" in Major League.)

The reason why I ask: Your (mis)use of social media has already given you both a dubious form of immortality.

(Photograph of Jose Canseco from January 2009 taken by Glenn Francis.)

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