Monday, May 20, 2024

TV Quote of the Day (‘Succession,’ As Cousin Greg Worries About Prison)

“Cousin Greg” Hirsch [played by Nicholas Braun]: “Yeah, I, uh... I'm worried about prison... I-I-I-I just feel because of my physical length, I could be a target for all kinds of misadventures.”—Succession, Season 3, Episode 6, “What It Takes,” original air date Nov 21, 2021, teleplay by Jesse Armstrong, Will Tracy, and Jamie Carragher, directed by Andrij Parekh

Oh, Cousin Greg, you’re not the only one worried about prison these days! There’s someone else who fears that “physical length” might make him a tempting target.

Oh, because of that, and the extra pounds that seemingly endless rounds of golf don’t seem to have trimmed…that puffy orange hair that begs for a good yank to test its strength and authenticity…and his former status as the most powerful man in the world.

Some might say that concern for his office’s dignity—a quality he daily had tried to corrode—might prevent jail time, or at least a significant amount of it.

There’s also the near-certainty that, though he’s been yelling so much about how he wants to testify at his trials, his lawyers won’t let him anywhere near the witness stand. 

After all, Cousin Greg only came off like a nervous doofus in front of Congress, whereas this guy might be ruthlessly exposed as the vengeful liar he is (as he has been in civil cases).

But he sure seems fearful every day as he engages in the kind of intimidation of judge, prosecutor, and anyone associated with the case that would never be permitted of…well, of a mafia don.

As the story arc of Succession demonstrated, “Cousin Greg” would serve as a great apprentice to anyone scheming for power. Only the guy in recent news who dreads prison might refuse to have his picture taken with him, loathing anyone who makes him look smaller.

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