Friday, May 31, 2024

TV Quote of the Day (Nikki Glaser, on the Location of Your Soulmate)

“Your soulmate, statistically, is in China. That’s where your soulmate is, and that’s where they’ll die. The closest you’ll get is maybe your soulmate touched your phone on an assembly line, but that’s the closest where your stars will ever cross. Maybe he stitched your mom’s blouse when he was in third grade.”—Stand-up comic Nikki Glaser, Nikki Glaser: Someday You’ll Die,” original air date May 11, 2024, teleplay by Nikki Glaser, directed by Hamish Hamilton

The image accompanying this post, showing Nikki Glaser on “The Blocks” podcast, was taken Dec. 22, 2022, by Neal Brennan.

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