Friday, May 25, 2018

Photo of the Day: ‘Bloomberg Beach,’ NYC, Memorial Day Weekend, 2018

A number of years ago, New York Daily News columnist Mike Lupica wrote that former Mayor Mike Bloomberg’s recommendation that most of Times Square should become a pedestrian mall—with chairs to accommodate them—would create such an upsurge of sunbathers that this “crossroads of the world” should be christened “Bloomberg Beach.”

That sarcastic nickname hasn’t gone into the wide circulation it deserves yet, but the crowds have in fact come out for a long time now—a fact that I discovered yet again today. With ships docked for the weekend, seamen were taking shore leave, joining hordes of tourists and city residents who wanted to enjoy the warm weather before it turns muggy tomorrow. 

I was eager to get home to New Jersey once my midtown office close, but I just had to take this picture of this moment, suspended between a rainy spring and what promises to be a sticky summer, when so many tried to catch their breath while they still could.

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