Saturday, May 19, 2018

Quote of the Day (Sarah Margon, on the Damage Caused by the U.S. Retreat on Human Rights)

“Petition gathering by like-minded countries is less effective without the most powerful country on earth. State and local governments can only do so much to work around the federal government. And although Congress controls the power of the purse, it has far less influence on foreign policy than the executive branch. And all the while, the White House’s attacks on immigrants, health care, minority communities, and the justice system will continue to diminish American credibility on human rights overseas. Simply put, unless it changes course dramatically, the Trump administration—and the president himself—will remain one of the greatest threats to human rights in decades.”— Sarah Margon, Washington Director, Human Rights Watch, “Giving Up the High Ground—America’s Retreat on Human Rights,” Foreign Affairs, March/April 2018

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