Wednesday, December 13, 2023

Quote of the Day (Ian Rankin, on an Artful Jailbreaker)

“Bernie Few’s jailbreaks were a work of art…. As a petty thief he was hopeless, but after capture he started to show his real prowess. He wasn't made for being a housebreaker; but he surely did shine as a jailbreaker. He’d stuff himself into rubbish bags and mail sacks, taken the place of a corpse from one prison hospital, squeezed his wiry frame out of impossibly small windows…and crammed himself into ventilation shafts and heating ducts.”— Scottish crime writer Ian Rankin, “Window of Opportunity,” originally published in Beggars Banquet, republished in Detective Stories, edited by Peter Washington (2009)

In addition to Bernie Few, “Window of Opportunity” also includes Ian Rankin’s longtime hero of the Edinburgh police force, Detective Inspector Rebus. Based on this clever and humorous short story, I am going to make a point to seek out other works by a writer acclaimed as one of the top in the crime genre over the last several decades.

The image of Ian Rankin accompanying this post was taken Aug. 17, 2007, by Tim Duncan.

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