Friday, December 8, 2023

Movie Quote of the Day (‘Heaven Can Wait,’ on What the Sight of Gene Tierney Could Do to a Guy)

Martha [played by Gene Tierney]: “If you don't change your attitude, I shall have to complain to your employer.”

Henry Van Cleve [played by Don Ameche]: “I'm not employed here. I'm not a book salesman. I took one look at you and followed you into the store. If you'd walked into a restaurant, I would have become a waiter. If you'd walked into a burning building, I would have become a fireman. If you'd walked into an elevator, I would have stopped it between two floors and we'd have spent the rest of our lives there. Please forgive me but you can't walk out of my life like that.”— Heaven Can Wait (1943), screenplay by Samson Raphaelson, based on the play Birthday by Leslie Bush-Fekete, directed by Ernst Lubitsch

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