Monday, October 23, 2023

Movie Quote of the Day (‘My Favorite Wife,’ on Complications Following a Wife’s Unexpected Reappearance)

Ellen Wagstaff Arden [played by Irene Dunne] [after being confronted by husband Nick about her seemingly sketchy 7 year disappearance and absence while shipwrecked with another man]: “It just occurs to me that I ought to feel insulted. I go through 7 years of agony. I come home to find my husband in the arms of another woman—married! My children don't know me. And all my husband can think of is, did I carry on with some poor man who wouldn't hurt a fly?”

Nick Arden [played by Cary Grant]: “Oh now, just a moment!”

Ellen: “You 'just a moment'! Did you tell her?”

[referring to Bianca]

Nick: “Hmm?”

Ellen [mercilessly mimicking him again]: “'Hmm'? Did you?”

Nick [flustered]: “Well...”

Ellen: “No, ya got into costume.”

[referring to his garish tiger print robe]

Nick: “I was about to tell her when...”

Ellen: “How long does it take to tell a woman 'My wife's come back'? I can say it in 2 seconds: 'my wife's come back'. You've had 2 days.”—My Favorite Wife (1940), screenplay by Bella and Sam Spewack, directed by Garson Kanin

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