Sunday, October 15, 2023

Spiritual Quote of the Day (Deuteronomy, on How God Led the Ancient Israelites Out of Affliction)

“My father was a wandering Aramean
who went down to Egypt with a small household
and lived there as an alien.
But there he became a nation
great, strong, and numerous.
When the Egyptians maltreated and oppressed us,
imposing hard labor upon us,
we cried to the LORD, the God of our fathers,
and he heard our cry
and saw our affliction, our toil, and our oppression.
He brought us out of Egypt
with his strong hand and outstretched arm,
with terrifying power, with signs and wonders;
and bringing us into this country,
he gave us this land flowing with milk and honey.”— Deuteronomy 26: 5-9
The image accompanying this post, “The Crossing of the Red Sea,” was painted from 1481 to 1482 by Italian Renaissance artist Cosimo Rosselli (1439-1507), as a fresco for the Sistine Chapel in the Vatican. That miracle was one of the “signs and wonders” alluded to in the passage above.

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