Friday, July 14, 2023

Movie Quote of the Day (‘The Senator Was Indiscreet,’ As a ‘Plain-Talking Man’ Hints at Higher Office)

Senator Melvin G. Ashton [played by William Powell]: “This is no time for emotionalism, but rather for a serious searching of the heart. As you all know, I am a simple, plain-talking man, with no taste for evasion and no talent for fancy words. So, I am going to be open and above board with you, as I have always been. Ladies and Gentlemen, I cannot put this too strongly - I am not a candidate for the presidency... But... there are times when decisions of this sort are no longer a matter of individual...”—The Senator Was Indiscreet (1947), screenplay by Charles MacArthur and Edwin Lanham, directed by George S. Kaufman

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