Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Photo of the Day: ‘Pin Cushion,’ Garment District, NYC

Earlier this week, on my way to a lunch appointment, I came across this art installation at the Garment District’s Information Kiosk. I think you can see why it caught my eye, even from down the street.

Patricia Gonzalez and Carlos Franqui of Floratorium, a Wood-Ridge, NJ-based flower and art studio, created the giant Pin Cushion. To say that it is made of wisteria branches and silk flowers doesn’t begin to convey what it took to put this together: more than 50 bales of curly willow, nine wisteria bales, and hundreds of faux hydrangeas, poppies, greenery, and butterflies.

This is one of the street sights that I used to see regularly on my way to and from work, and what I may begin to see more of if COVID-19 loses its grip at last on the tristate area.

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