Monday, February 8, 2021

TV Quote of the Day (‘Bewitched,’ As Samantha’s Uncle Arthur Pulls A Prank)

[Darrin Stephens, fearing the loss of his advertising job, feels depressed, even sick.]

Darrin Stephens [played by Dick York]: “I'm going up and get into bed.”

Samantha Stephens [played by Elizabeth Montgomery]: “Darrin, you haven't even had your supper. And I made your favorite dish. Beef stew. Look.” [Opens the pot, only to see the grinning head of her warlock Uncle Arthur. Samantha changes from smiling to scowling.] “Uncle Arthur! What are you doing in there?”

Uncle Arthur [played by Paul Lynde] [grinning mischievously]: “What do you think? I'm a stew-away.”

Darrin: “Oh, brother, just what I need!”

Samantha: “Uncle Arthur, will you please get out of there?”

[Uncle Arthur vanishes, only to materialize next to them, then looks down at the pot.]

Arthur: “That stew could use a pinch of time.” [He drops a watch in the pot.] “No danger of it boiling now. It's a watched pot. Oh, I'm too much!”— Bewitched, Season 4, Episode 31, “The No-Harm Charm,” original air date Apr. 25, 1968, teleplay by Ed Jurist, directed by Russ Mayberry

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