Saturday, February 27, 2021

Photo of the Day: A Break From a Dreary Sky

It doesn’t sound very extreme, but throughout the morning and half this afternoon, my area of northern New Jersey was in the grip of a gray drizzle. Gradually, almost imperceptibly, the droplets from the sky ceased, and I waited impatiently for the sun.

When the sky opened at last, I made a break for it. My restless spirit took me on a 20-minute drive to Pascack Brook County Park. As I neared the entrance to the 79-acre park, the combination of the sun and the snow left on the ground produced a white curtain of light rising from the still-icebound pond.

Had the sun come out earlier, I’m sure throngs would have lined the path encircling the pond. Still, I didn’t mind. The few walkers who did turn out made me smile, consisting as they were of parents with very young kids and dog owners with very small pooches. (I mean, small enough to deposit in a handbag, had they wanted.)

Puddles were as deep as they were widespread, but no matter: It was worth it to bolt out the door, take a drive, and come away with this photographic memory of how I seized the day.

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