Tuesday, February 2, 2021

Photo of the Day: The (Snowy) Walls of Jericho

Monday morning, I awoke to find six inches of snow on the ground already. It quickly got worse. A lot worse.

A Facebook friend in my town posted that the last she had checked, she had received 17 inches of snow. I did not bother to measure what fell around my house, because I did not want to feel any worse than I did already.

This picture I took of my driveway will give you an idea why. I piled the snow as high as I could. I had no other choice—there was nowhere else to put it.

With overnight cooling, that “wall” you see here (you didn’t see how much else I shoveled outside this frame!) is going to be pretty impregnable for a while. That trumpet Joshua used at Jericho might have been dramatic, but it won’t do the job on this one.

So tonight, the local weather forecasters were predicting another coastal storm that they pronounced as “significant.”

Isn’t there a quota for blizzards—like, no more than one a year?

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