Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Quote of the Day (William Seward, on ‘Intelligent Votes’ Needed to ‘Save the Great Democratic Government of Ours’)

 “There is no virtue in Pearl Street, in Wall Street, in Court Street, in Chestnut Street, in any street of the great commercial cities, that can save the great democratic government of ours, when you cease to uphold it with your intelligent votes … You must, therefore, lead us.”—William H. Seward (1808-1872), U.S. Senator from New York, Republic Presidential candidate—and future Secretary of State, “Democracy the Chief Element of Government,” address in Madison, Wisc., Sept. 12, 1860, in The Works of William H. Seward, Volume 4, edited by George E. Baker (1888)

No matter how the next few weeks will play out, the convulsions since Election Day—at this point, sure to extend into January—should refute the notion that voting doesn’t count.

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