Saturday, December 5, 2020

Photo of the Day: Grace Episcopal Church, Providence, RI

I took this photo five years ago this past October, when I was on vacation in Rhode Island. This year, Grace Episcopal Church has been temporarily closed due to the coronavirus.

When the crisis clears, this institution in downtown Providence will be well worth a visit. Though the community sustaining the church dates back to 1829, its current home was built in 1846, according to specifications by Richard Upjohn.

Upjohn, an immigrant from Britain, was the go-to architect for the Episcopal Church when the denomination was in the midst of a building expansion in the U.S. (Trinity Church in New York may be his most famous project.)

Grace Episcopal has its own distinction as the first asymmetrical Gothic Revival Church in America. Its beauty was enhanced in 1912 with the addition of a chancel by architect Ralph Adams Cram.

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