Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Quote of the Day (Hildegarde Dolson, on the Horror of Freshman Algebra)

“Due to the fact that I had such important things as Beauty Clay on my mind, it was understandable that my monthly marks in algebra should cause even more distress than usual in the bosom of my family. Each month, the high school honor roll, consisting of the names of the ten highest students in each class, was published in the Franklin News-Herald.... And each month, my own name was prominently absent. Appeals to my better nature, my pride, and the honor of the Dolsons did no good. I honestly meant well, and I even went so far as to carry books home from school and carry them back again the next morning. But freshman algebra, implying as it did that X equals Y, was simply beyond me.”—Essayist Hildegarde Dolson (1908-1981), We Shook the Family Tree (1941)

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