Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Photo of the Day: World Cup Distraction at NY’s Port Authority

New York’s Port Authority Bus Terminal at 42st Street was built during the second term of Mayor Bill O’Dwyer—which, for anyone keeping score, ended (hastily) in 1950. Commuters like me are familiar with how much it is showing its age, most notably during the winter, when buckets all over the place try to keep the leaks from the roof.

Maybe because it keeps hoping against hope that Something Big (like enough money for a completely new building, perhaps?), maintenance on this structure has been haphazard. Maybe the PA also thinks that, if they can give us some entertainment, bus and subway passengers won’t radiate so much palpable discontent.

In the evening rush hour, passengers have gotten used to seeing musicians and singers (even sopranos, for Heaven’s sake!) in a perch on the second floor. During the last two mornings, though, I’ve noticed something different: a big screen offering footage of the World Cup

I took this photo yesterday, when the crowd, as you can see, was already substantial. This morning, the crowd around this video had grown even more. One possible explanation of the intense interest in these video proceedings: Commuters were suffering delays in getting to their normal destinations, so why not while the time away a bit longer by watching the games?

As you can see, it looked like it worked.

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