Monday, April 18, 2016

Photo of the Day: Saturday in the Park (Hudson River, That Is)

Years ago, a weather forecaster in the New York area would periodically proclaim a set of 24 hours “one of the 10 most beautiful days of the year.” I used to chuckle to myself that he’d invariably exceed his allotment by, oh, May 1. But this past Saturday had a fair claim to landing on this list for 2016.

I happened to be down in Greenwich Village attending a play that afternoon, but it felt like a sin to be inside. So after the matinee, I wandered west over to Hudson River Park. My post from the other day was about bicycle riders down there. But in truth, New Yorkers thronged the park that day for a whole variety of activities, which I think you can sense from this photo I took of a stretch of green, plus the edge of the waterfront, in the 500-acre park.

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