Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Photo of the Day: Miller’s Pond, Englewood, NJ

Many times, in childhood and youth, I walked several minutes from my home to this pond lying between Dwight Morrow High School and Liberty Road in Englewood. 

I don’t get around to the pond as often these days, but this past weekend, while driving by, I caught sight of it from a distance and decided to come back. 

I mean “come back” for the kind of photos I took in this instance. In the deeper sense, of course, you never really recover what you left behind decades ago, even if the landscape has changed comparatively little, as in this case.


Lisa said...

Hi Mike, I went to Dwight Morrow High School (graduated in 1977), and lived nearby. Millers Pond is where I first learned to fish, using balled up pieces of bread as bait. There were carp and sunnies. Lots of great memories. Thanks for your post.

MarcGVoorhees said...

O My 1977 yes! I'm another. Loved Millers Pond. Fished, caught 🐢 and it was our, lovers lane at times. Loved when they drained it. We were able to see all the goodies at the bottom. I can still smell it now. Mmmm nature. The creek to the pond had some good finds as well. It was the last place to be a real kid, exploring nature without parents around.

CN said...

We lived across Liberty Road in the 1950s-early 60s. We used to ice skate on Millers Pond in the winter. Thanks for the memory!