Saturday, November 10, 2012

Quote of the Day (Vanessa Paradis, on the Scary Idea of Soul Mates)

“The idea of a soul mate is a beautiful thing to put in a film or in a book, but in real life I’m scared by it. It’s like putting a label on love. To say, ‘You are, forever, my soul mate,’ is almost like knowing the end of a story. When you fall madly in love, you think it is forever, and it might be and it might not be—what matters is not to label it."—Actress-model-singer Vanessa Paradise, ex-POSSLQ of Johnny Depp, quoted in Aysegul Sert, “Life After Depp: Vanessa Paradis on Her New Movie, Café de Flore, and the Problem WithSoulmates,” New York Magazine, November 12, 2012

(The photo of Paradis was taken of her live in concert at Châteauroux, France, November 3, 2007, by Benoit Derrier.)

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