Thursday, November 8, 2012

Quote of the Day (Richard Ford, on Pesky Packaging)

“Of all things spinning out of control in the US, packaging is clearly the most dire. It’s impossible now to get anything you buy in America open.  A package of chewing gum. A vacuum-sealed, clear-plastic cardboard sleeve, inside of which is a shiny socket wrench. A bright Mylar packet containing 14 lightly salted peanuts and openable only with my teeth – like a chimp. I had to use a box cutter to stab my way through the tungsten-steel plastic encasing a padlock I’d bought to keep thieves from stealing my motorcycle. When I got through the first layer, I found I’d created numerous edges so sharp that I sliced deep into my finger…Security, I suppose, is the theory. Not my security, but the retailers’ – from, I guess, theft? Lawsuits?... I’d gladly sign a waiver saying all injuries are my lookout, if I can just get into my Ibuprofen-PM bottle at 2am.”—Novelist Richard Ford, “The Diary: Richard Ford,” Financial Times, October 13, 2012

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