Thursday, November 29, 2012

Quote of the Day (Fred Barnes, on Why ‘Politics Isn’t Life’)

“Politics isn’t life. Like baseball, it’s a pastime. There are surefire ways to keep politics in perspective, especially for sports fans. Always boo politicians who show up for some ceremony before a game, at halftime, or between periods. And be prepared to rebuke politicians who pretend to be enthusiastic fans but don’t know the names of players. Sports buffs know intuitively that this works. If you’re not one, give it a try, and politics might just find its proper place in your life.”—Fred Barnes, “Goodbye and Good Riddance,” The Weekly Standard, November 12, 2012

A good, stoic attitude to take—particularly if one’s preferred Presidential candidate has been trounced, as Mr. Barnes’ was. Well, no matter. In this instance, he happens to be right. Politics might be important, but it isn’t life. Maybe that’s why Rush Limbaugh still shows no signs of following through on his threat to move to Costa Rica in the event of an Obama victory, just as most disappointed Democrats didn’t follow through on their threats to move to Canada or elsewhere in the wake of a Dubya win.

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