Tuesday, April 9, 2024

Quote of the Day (Zach Snyder, on Comics, ‘Our Modern Mythology’)

“I really believe that comics are our modern mythology. We deal with a lot of our issues through these characters the way the ancients explained volcanoes or earthquakes by inventing gods. The emotional earthquakes and volcanoes of our time are inexplicable, so we use these characters to comfort ourselves. I’ve directed a few films adapted from comics and graphic novels. Secrets and secret identities play a big role. They take on this kind of metaphorical significance and speak to the larger secrets the reader is keeping. Both in real life and in comics, an individual has a picture that they want to present to the world, a picture of who they are. Most of the time that picture is not completely authentic.”—American film director Zach Snyder, “Soapbox: The Columnists: WSJ. Asks Six Luminaries to Weigh in on a Single Topic. This month: Secrets,” WSJ.com, February 2016

The image accompanying this post comes from the 2017 Zach Snyder film Justice League, based on—you guessed it—the DC Comics superhero team.

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