Tuesday, November 7, 2023

Quote of the Day (Frank McCourt, With Advice for a Young Teacher)

“Find what you love and do it. That's what it boils down to. I admit I didn't always love teaching. I was out of my depth. You're on your own in the classroom, one man or woman facing five classes every day, five classes of teenagers. One unit of energy against one hundred and seventy-five units of energy, one hundred and seventy-five ticking bombs, and you have to find ways of saving your own life. They may like you, they may even love you, but they are young and it is the business of the young to push the old off the planet.”—Longtime Irish-American teacher—and Pulitzer Prize-winning memoirist—Frank McCourt (1930-2009), Teacher Man (2005)

If we are lucky, most of us have had a teacher who’s made a difference in our lives. Too bad so much abuse gets hurled unfairly at such people who give so much of themselves; they’ll never get to hear the praise from those who feel that they are more of an inspiration than they can ever know.

(The image accompanying this post, showing Frank McCourt at a reading in Cologne, Germany, was taken Sept. 12, 2006 by Elke Wetzig.)

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