Tuesday, February 21, 2023

TV Quote of the Day (‘Get Smart,’ As Max Resists Disassembling His Robot and ‘Friend’)

[The robot Hymie—originally programmed by Maxwell Smart, then seized and reprogrammed by KAOS—has attempted to assassinate Chief before being stopped by Smart. Now, the agent is reluctant to obey his superior’s order to disassemble this robot that had once saved Max’s life.]

Maxwell Smart [played by Don Adams]: “You can't destroy Hymie. Hymie's my friend!”

Chief [played by Edward Platt]: “Max, this ‘friend’ just broke through my office door, smashed my desk to pieces, and almost strangled me with his bare hands. How do you explain that?”

Smart: “I said he was my friend, not yours.”—Get Smart, Season 2, Episode 1, “Anatomy of a Lover,” original air date Sept. 17, 1966, teleplay by Gary Clarke (under his birth name, "C.F. Lamoreaux"), directed by Bruce Bilson

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