Thursday, December 15, 2022

Quote of the Day (Albert Camus, on the Need to ‘Favor Freedom’ Over Resignation)

“People are too readily resigned to fatality. They are too ready to believe that, after all, nothing but bloodshed makes history progress and that the stronger always progresses at the expense of the weaker. Such fatality exists perhaps. But man's task is not to accept it or to bow to its laws. If he had accepted it in the earliest ages, we should still be living in prehistoric times. The task of men of culture and faith, in any case, is not to desert historical struggles nor to serve the cruel and inhuman elements in those struggles. It is rather to remain what they are, to help man against what is oppressing him, to favor freedom against the fatalities that close in upon it.” —French Nobel Literature laureate Albert Camus (1913-1960), “Appeal for a Civilian Truce in Algeria” (February 1956), in Resistance, Rebellion, and Death: Essays, translated by Justin O’Brien (1961)

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