Sunday, November 27, 2022

Spiritual Quote of the Day (Michael Gerson, on ‘The Wild Hope of a Living God’)

“Those who hold to the wild hope of a living God can say certain things:

“In our right minds – as our most sane and solid selves – we know that the appearance of a universe ruled by cruel chaos is a lie and that the cold void is actually a sheltering sky.

“In our right minds, we know that life is not a farce but a pilgrimage – or maybe a farce and a pilgrimage, depending on the day.

“In our right minds, we know that hope can grow within us – like a seed, like a child.

“In our right minds, we know that transcendence sparks and crackles around us – in a blinding light, and a child’s voice, and fire, and tears, and a warmed heart, and a sculpture just down the hill – if we open ourselves to seeing it.

“Fate may do what it wants. But this much is settled. In our right minds, we know that love is at the heart of all things.

“Many, understandably, pray for a strength they do not possess. But God’s promise is somewhat different: That even when strength fails, there is perseverance. And even when perseverance fails, there is hope. And even when hope fails, there is love. And love never fails.”— Washington Post columnist, PBS NewsHour political analyst, and former White House speechwriter Michael Gerson (1964-2022), Guest Sermon at Washington’s National Cathedral, February 19, 2019

The image accompanying this post was taken of Michael Gerson between 2001 and 2005, when he was director of speechwriting at the White House.

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