Sunday, May 1, 2022

Spiritual Quote of the Day (Soren Kierkegaard, on Honestly Facing a Relationship With God)

“Have you resisted the cunning corruption of an over-clever mind that urged you to sell it off and thereby rid yourself of some deeply felt pain- acknowledging instead, over and over again, that you have never loved as you have been loved; that you were faithless when God was faithful; that you were lukewarm when He was aflame; that He sent you good gifts, but you used them in such a way as to damage yourself; that when He asked something of you, you did not answer; that when He called to you, you would not listen; that when He spoke to you in a friendly fashion, you did not pay attention; that when He spoke seriously to you, you misunderstood; that He fulfilled your wish, but you had not wished in the right way and were quick to become angry? Have you ever really felt how sad a thing it is that in order to depict your relation to God you need so many words? Have you at the very least been honest with yourself and to God in your relation to Him?... Have you considered that He loved you first?” — Danish theologian Soren Kierkegaard (1813-1855), Spiritual Writings, translated by George Pattison (2010)

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