Friday, March 4, 2022

TV Quote of the Day (‘The Big Bang Theory,’ As Bob Newhart Figures Out the Genius Among the Nerds)

[Initially, Sheldon and Leonard are surprised to find at their door—out of breath from having to take the stairs—an elderly actor named Arthur Jeffries. But they end up delighted to learn that he is the hero of their childhood, the host of a science show, “Professor Proton.”]

Dr. Sheldon Cooper [played by Jim Parsons]: “Professor Proton, it’s an honor to meet you.”

Arthur [played by Bob Newhart] [still exhausted]: “Just, just call me Arthur.”

Sheldon: “Leonard, you hear that? Professor Proton said I should call him Arthur. That means we’re friends.”

Arthur: “No. A friend would’ve, would’ve told me about the elevator.”

Sheldon: “Look at me. I can get as close to you as I want without my mom saying it’s going to ruin my eyes.”

Arthur [turning to Leonard, confused and disturbed]: “Is, uh, is he dangerous?”

Leonard Hofstadter [played by Johnny Galecki]: “Actually, he’s a genius.”

Sheldon: “I am.”

Arthur: “That doesn’t answer my question.”

Leonard: “Mr. Jeffries, I’m, I’m Leonard. This is my girlfriend, Penny.”

Arthur [turning to face her, finally perking up]: “Hi.”

Penny [played by Kaley Cuoco]: “Hello.”

Arthur: “Well, I hope I haven’t, uh, kept the kids waiting too long for, for the show.”

Sheldon: “Oh, no, there are no kids. No, the, the show’s for me. Come on. I’ll race ya, Arthur.”

Arthur [to Leonard]: “Is the, is the blond girl really your, your girlfriend?”

Leonard: “Yes, sir.”

Arthur: “You’re the genius.”—The Big Bang Theory, Season 6, Episode 22, “The Proton Resurgence,” original air date May 2, 2013, teleplay by Steven Molaro, Eric Kaplan and Maria Ferrari, directed by Mark Cendrowski

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