Wednesday, March 23, 2022

Quote of the Day (Stanley Kauffmann, On What to Bear in Mind in Watching the Oscars)

“I watch the Oscars every year, and I have more or less the same reaction: that everything is in character. And every year, regular as a sort of intellectual clockwork, knowledgeable critics are ready to scorn: to disclose the industrial ogre beneath the artistic hoopla, to rip open the pretensions, to excoriate the lengthy and unexciting familial tributes and embraces. Each year I wonder what these critics expected. A coronation by the Muses on the slopes of Olympus, perhaps?”—American editor and film/theater critic Stanley Kauffmann (1916-2013), “Different Weights,” The New Republic, Mar. 21, 2005

It'll happen this Sunday night, too. Bet on it.

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