Friday, June 25, 2021

Quote of the Day (Megan Amran, Imagining What Astronauts Might Find on Planet 'XJ9358')

Dec. 16. We now understand why, throughout our history, we received no transmission from this planet: the inhabitants were extremely unsophisticated. They utilized fossil fuels and nuclear power, but wasted their solar energy and failed to employ methane dams to capture the nearly infinite power potential of flatulence. They apparently let the precious gases just dissipate into the air! Furthermore, they appeared to have many different languages and alphabets. The one in our current location uses twenty-six letters, except in a mysterious temple labelled ‘IKEA,’ where some of the letters have dots over them.”— American comedy writer, producer, and performer Megan Amran, “Shouts and Murmurs: Captain’s Log,” The New Yorker, Apr. 30, 2018

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