Thursday, October 15, 2020

Quote of the Day (Daryl Hannah, on Her Childhood Experience With Psychiatry)

"I went through a whole battery of tests. They gave me this Rorschach test and said: OK, what do you see? I said: I see a lion and a cave... and I'd tell these whole long stories and they'd go: OK, that's enough. And I'm like: 'Don't you want to hear the rest?' They showed me some other things. One was this picture of a guy sitting over a creek. He was holding a fishing pole, and on the end of the fishing line was a boot. They said: 'What is he feeling?' And you're supposed to give an answer like: 'He's disappointed,' or sad or whatever. I said he was thrilled. To me, he lost his boot the week before when he was fishing there, and now he'd found it. It all made sense! But they didn't ask me why, they just thought: 'That's the wrong answer.' They wanted to institutionalize me."—Actress and environmental activist Daryl Hannah, on her experience with psychiatry in childhood, quoted in Gaby Wood, “Interview: ‘I'm a Little Bit of a Nerd,'” The Guardian, June 6, 2009

(Photo of Daryl Hannah taken Apr. 10, 2013, by the World Travel and Tourism Council.)

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