Monday, June 8, 2020

Movie Quote of the Day (‘Coneheads,’ in Which Alien Parental Units Wrestle With a Human Dilemma)

Prymatt Conehead [played by Jane Curtin] [hearing that her daughter’s porky teenage swain, Ronnie, was acting inappropriately on a date]: “He was behaving like a flarndip?”

Connie Conehead [played by Michelle Burke]: [Stopping her crying, in confusion]: “Flarndip?

Prymat: “A masher, a hustler, an uninvited grasper of cone.”

Beldar Conehead [played by Dan Aykroyd]: [Overhears this, erupting] “FLARNDIP?”— Coneheads (1993), screenplay by Tom Davis, Dan Aykroyd, Bonnie Turner and Terry Turner, directed by Steve Barron 

Somehow, for nearly three decades, this movie escaped my notice. Then this past Friday, while channel-surfing, I came upon it, at a point when I needed it most, and surrendered constantly to great, swelling belly laughs.

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