Thursday, August 29, 2019

Tweet of the Day (Jeff Greenfield, on the Tan Suit 'Scandal' of 5 Years Ago)

“Funny how journalists love to ridicule pols for obsessing over their dress—then go nuts when the President shows up in a tan suit.”—Political commentator Jeff Greenfield, Aug. 28, 2014 tweet

We’re now “celebrating”—if that’s the right verb—the fifth anniversary of the contrived uproar over Barack Obama’s late-summer tan suit.

I’m glad I had stopped paying attention to Fox News at that point, because they chose that point to have a major snit over this apparel, which to them signified not that it was late the dog days of summer but that it “confirms he’s a Marxist”—something having to do with a dark suit emphasizing he was serious about the office.

This, from the same cable channel that, in this past week, had on-air personality Katie Pavlich proclaim, without irony, that she was “still on Team Manifest Destiny Greenland”—confirming that there’s a clown car doing an express run from Mar a Lago to the Fox News studio in Rockefeller Center.

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