Monday, August 19, 2019

Movie Quote of the Day (‘The Awful Truth,’ With Cary Grant on a New Couple’s Relocation Choice)

[Lucy Warriner’s divorce from husband Jerry is about to come through, freeing her to wed oil-rich but unsophisticated Daniel Leeson.)

Jerry [played by Cary Grant]: “Ah, so you're gonna live in Ok-la-ho-ma, eh Lucy? How I envy you. Ever since I was a small boy, that name has been filled with magic for me. Ok-la-ho-ma!”

Daniel [played by Ralph Bellamy]: “We're gonna live right in Oklahoma City!”

Jerry: “Not Oklahoma City itself? Lucy, you lucky girl! No more running around to nightspots. No more prowling around in New York shops. I shall think of you every time a new show opens and say to myself, 'She's well out of it.'”

Daniel: “New York's all right for a visit but I wouldn't want to live here.”

Lucy [played by Irene Dunne]: [gamely but uncertainly] “I know I'll enjoy Oklahoma City.”

Jerry: “Well, of course. And if it should get dull, you can always go over to Tul-sa for the weekend. I think a big change like that does one good, don't you?”—The Awful Truth (1937), screenplay by Viña Delmar and an uncredited Sidney Buchman, based on a play by Arthur Richman, directed by Leo McCarey

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