Monday, August 17, 2015

TV Quote of the Day (‘WKRP in Cincinnati,’ As Office Duties Are Figured Out)

Jennifer Marlowe [played by Loni Anderson]: “You want me, Mr. Carlson?”

Arthur “Big Guy” Carlson [played by Gordon Jump]: “Oh, yeah. Come in, Jennifer. Have a seat.”

Jennifer: “No, thank you.”

Arthur: “Well, all right. At this particular point in time, I would like to dictate a press release.”

Jennifer: “I don't take dictation.”

Arthur: “What? Alright, I guess I can do this thing myself. It's probably going to be a long meeting though; so why don't you get coffee for all the guys here?”

Jennifer: “I don't get coffee, Mr. Carlson. We agreed.”

Arthur: “Oh, yeah.”

Jennifer: “You have to draw the line somewhere.”

Arthur: “You got that right.”

Jennifer: “Will there be anything else I can do?”

Arthur: “No. I think that about does it.”

Jennifer:  “Thank you.”

Arthur: “Oh, no. Thank you.”

Les Nessman [played by Richard Sanders]: “How does she get away with that?”

Herb Tarlek [played by Frank Bonner]: “Are you kidding?”— WKRP in Cincinnati, Season 1, Episode 7, “Turkeys Away,” original air date October 30, 1978, teleplay by Bill Dial, directed by Michael Zinberg

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